What to expect from this blog

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This is the first post of my blog. The posts here, though still unsure how frequently they will come, will be about two topics:

  1. Discussion of projects I am working on
  2. Things I found while metal detecting

Recently I’ve been doing metal detecting in the local park, but when I was on Rutgers Campus, I also detected next to some of the dorms. I’ve probably made several dollars in change I’ve found - but no coins of great significance. The most interesting find I’ve made was a late 80s NYC subway token, unpunched. That’s one thing about that’s nice about detecting - when you find cool things, it also comes with a fun history lesson. I never knew that subway tokens were a thing!

Anyways, the blog will probably run half and half between the two listed topics - the metal detecting posts will be about places I detected around New Brunswick.